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Living as an Artist

The Artist

Paint Dreams of how life should be  Draw Wonders no one else could see  Write  Words that only describe me  The artist  I am here  Struggling to be known  I am an artist  Why is it believed that artist can not make it  Until we are gone  It is a gift  A talent that we have  I can not wait to walk this path  Creative  Who me  Mature  Or just immaturity  The artist within me  Some people say "ARTIST ARE CRAZY" How do they know we are not the sane ones  Insane for being creative  Than crazy is what I...

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The Paint Brush

The Paint Brush  It seems to guide my hand When I am holding the paint brush  I know I can paint  I know I can  The brush gives me motivation  The paints  The colors  Gives me the creations It makes the creativity fall right out of me  As if the clouds were rapidly moving in the air  My paint brush  Creates life where ever I  When ever I use it  My brush blends the colors  It seems to create beauty  Paint brush   The brush gives me my reasons  My paint brush gives me my title  I am the Artist  With...

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I am Living with This

I am Living with This  I know you do not understand how hard it can be Living with the pain  Living with the hurt my family feels for me  How limited my life has to be Only a few simple things I have done  Usually spending my days  Thinking and dreaming of fun  My life is to be  Yet a foggy haze  Knowing my soul keeps creeping around  Some nights I will cry  Some nights I will sigh  Some nights I just want to fly  AWAY Take in the air and simply stare  At my sleeping family  Thinking, why me  Irritated...

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Artist Summary

Teigan M. B. Maynard (born January 14, 1984) an artist from Louisiana. She works mainly in a surrealism and an abstract painting style. Her paintings reflect the emotions, surrounding environment, culture and traditions that she faced with. She creates unique works that express meaningful views that somewhat goes unnoticed.  "I was blessed to be able to find my talent at the very young age of six. While in elementary school, my paintings became admired by different art teachers. I was tested on my artistic skills and placed in an advanced art class. During my youth I won numerous art contests,...

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