Custom Created Second Line Umbrellas

     This unique New Orleans traditional item is made for celebrating all types of events. These custom handcrafted Second Line Umbrellas are beautiful and made to embellish your occasion. Traditionally, the "Second Line" mourners were characterized by their accessories---fans, handkerchiefs, and umbrellas. All of these items were necessary for the long procession in the hot, Southern sun. Over the course of time, the Second Line Umbrella has emerged as a dominant symbol of celebration in New Orleans. Today, the Second Line Umbrella is used to celebrate just about anything---Mardi Gras, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Social Events, Graduations, Fundraisers, Family Reunions, Retirements, the traditional Second Lines and Funerals and more.

      The umbrellas can be personally customized for any special event.