About Creole Lady Custom Creations

 Creole Lady Creation's Goal

To create handcrafted items displayed on our website that caters to our clients ideas and visions. Our store and website specializes in these handcrafted products in a creative space:

  • Custom Created Second Line Umbrellas
  • Personalized Handkerchiefs
  • Wedding Items
  • Boutique Items
  • Handcrafted Gifts
  • Custom Mardi Gras Coconuts  
  • Personalize Decor
  • Artwork


    Creole Lady Creations is created and dedicated to serve our clients with excellent service and to create unique, traditional, custom and personalized creations. To connect and provide a one-stop shop online and in store for any event or occasion. To have an exclusive space to create personalize products as unique business. To serve and offer a premier store area to service where we can all join together to create our custom art/crafts products during special events as well as in the buying and selling of quality and unique handcrafted Art/Crafts at great prices. 


    "The Perfect Place to find Quality Custom Creations!" 
    "Enjoy and Shop the Quality of Handcrafted!"


    Creole Lady Creations takes pride in our mission and strive for excellence in all that we do.


    Creole Lady Creations created a website exclusively for our unique creations. All content is created by Creole Lady Creations specially and to promote our collections, the products and the art/craft business. Personal attention to the customers and clients is a must in Creole Lady Creations. All handcrafted items are created by a living person, not an online template generator. 


    Creole Lady Creations 

    The most outstanding creator of custom handcrafted specialty items, high quality accessories, gift items, home decor and much more. 

    Specialty Items
    The specialty items consist of:
    • Handcrafted Second Line Umbrellas (which can be created for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc.)
    • Custom Mardi Gras Coconuts 
    • Personalized Handkerchiefs
    • Personalized Wedding Items
    • Wreaths
    • Event Decor (creating the special occasion with unique decorations, center pieces, and more upon request)

    Compliment with a beautifully unique handmade and custom accessory. Our accessories include:

    • Baby headbands
    • Woven headbands (small and large)
    • Boutique and simple style bows in all sizes
    • Cheer bows (upon request)
    • Ponytail holders
    • Hand Bags
    Gift Items 

    We make gift handcrafted items for all your special events and parties. These items include:

    • Embroidery Items
    • Crochet Items 
    • Paintings/Prints
    Creative and uniquely different styles of art. We provide:
    • Original Paintings
    • Prints (special order)
    • Framed Artwork  (special order)

    We have much more to offer plus great deals daily.