Teigan M. Maynard

          Teigan M. B. Maynard born January 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

          Teigan works mainly in her own style as well as in expressionism, surrealism and abstract styles. Her paintings reflect emotions, her surrounding environments, and the culture and traditions from her life. She creates unique works that express meaningful views and different feelings. 

          Teigan was blessed with the gift of being an artist although she suffers with Epilepsy her whole life, but that gives her the motivation to create and experience the world.

          Teigan's art work is now exhibiting at NOLA RampArt Gallery located at 1000 North Rampart in New Orleans, Louisiana, on their website and through her personal website.

          Teigan's reason is simply to share her view on beautiful works of art and creativity to the world. To motivate people with disabilities and hope that they can find their courage to make a difference for themselves. She is still here pushing and fighting everyday, although the doctors did not believe she would live pass the age of thirteen. Teigan is here showing the world that she will survive to see tomorrow.