Meet Creole Lady Creations

Teigan Maynard


I am a proud wife, a mother of two wonderful children, an artist, and the owner of
Creole Lady Creations.




My family and I are from New Orleans, Louisiana. This city is beautiful and is filled with talented creative people. I am grateful that I grew up here and that my children get to experience the enriched cluster of cultures.


           One of my favorite gift in life is that I have different artistic talents.

               I started my business a few years ago for the simple reason of sharing my view on beautiful works of art and creativity. I call my business “Little Bug Craftz” after my children. It felt like every time I had decided to go pick up my paint brush or my hot glue gun, I heard “Mommy can I…?”, “Mommy I want….”, or simply “Mom”. So they became my inspiration for my name “Little Bug Craftz”. They are my Little Bugs.

Sadly, the name "Little Bug Craftz"  was misunderstood and  I had to change my business name to "Creole Lady Creations". My Company name expresses, explains and describes who I am as an artist and craftier.  



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