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** Receive an Agreement via electronic mail for Commissioned Artwork**

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     Artist: (NAME, CONTACT INFORMATION)                    Client: (NAME, CONTACT INFORMATION)

_____________________________________                             _____________________________________

_____________________________________                             _____________________________________

_____________________________________                             _____________________________________

_____________________________________                             _____________________________________


This document constitutes the agreement between the artist and the client for the sale/commission of:








In signing this document, the client accepts the following conditions:

  • A deposit ½ (half) value of the commissioned artwork must be paid in full before any artwork is produce. The full and final payment must be received before the artwork is released.
  • The artwork will be on canvas unless otherwise noted.
  • The artist reserves the right to use reproductions of the artwork commissioned to promote the artist work. This includes the right to display reproductions of the work on the artist’s website and social media pages. Should the client wish to create reproductions of the work, the artist asks that the client refrain from selling these reproductions and, instead, distribute them for free. (this does not prevent the reselling of the original)

The artwork is sold as-is, without a frame. The total cost of the artwork is $_______________________.

Deposit $_________________________                                Date________________________________

Finial Payment $______________________                           Date _______________________________


This document is a receipt marking the sale/commission of the artwork to the client and the payment of the total cost by the client to the artist.


________________________________                                ________________________________

Artist Signature                                                                          Client Signature



________________________________                                    ________________________________

Date                                                                                            Date