Edmond L. Maynard, Jr.

           Edmond L. Maynard, Jr. born December 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

     Edmond's style is unique and very creative. He is a surrealist cartoonist. He prefers mostly pen and ink but is a well diverse artist. He has been drawing as long as he can remember. His art work reflects his creativity and his very out-going imagination.
     Edmond is self taught and takes pride in creating pen and ink pieces, spray paint art, and watercolor paintings. He also enjoys air brushing and acrylic painting. He puts his heart and soul into his art and wants to share his creations with the world.
     Among his various talents, Edmond is also a tattoo artist and musician. He believes that true expression can be seen through art and heard through music. He recently decided to start selling his art work on www.creoleladycreations.com.